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After Marius' 1st lesson on Staccato technique combined with other musical elements.

My goal is to provide expert piano instruction with an emphasis on creative play, healthy technique and musicality.

Music lessons should be a pleasing experience for students, parents and even the teacher! Thus, from the very first lesson to when a student takes complete responsibility of their practice, parents, students and the teacher work together as a team to ensure that the student progresses and remains stimulated.

I draw upon several sources individually tailored to suit the unique needs of the student. Young beginners (ages 5 to 7) can expect the use of simple games, fun repetition exercises and even stories to inspire creativity and instil an appreciation for music. After one to two years depending on the speed of progression, a child is ready to start learning the early pedagogical repertoire.

For the late beginner to early intermediate students (ages 8 to 10), I use a combination of pieces, method books, improvised activities, and fun exercises to fill the "musical toolbox" of each child to prepare them for the technical and musical demands of classical or contemporary repertoire.

Students who fit the profile of early to late intermediate, to early advanced students (ages 11 to 14) will be able to learn classical or contemporary pieces suitable for their level and can expect technical exercises assigned to aid them in their approach of a particular work.

Advanced students and adult beginners should contact me so that together we can form an individualized lesson plan that takes into account your personal goals.

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