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When I watch my son play piano, I can no longer tell whether he is left handed or right handed.


Beyond teaching theory, Ryan brings forward a strong emotional dimension which is important to allow children to live and feel music. My son is very enthusiastic!

-Thierry M.

It has been two years since our daughter Vanessa started weekly lessons with Ryan. We are very happy with the work that Ryan has done with her. She has made lots of progress in a little amount of time and has already participated in two concerts at the Conservatoire.

Ryan is an excellent teacher who knows extremely well how to transmit his passion for piano. He is very patient, which is very important when teaching young children. He knows how to encourage Vanessa because learning the piano can be difficult and requires lots of practice.

The method that he uses for young children called “Tales of a Musical Journey” allows Vanessa to learn piano in a simple and fun way and also encourages her to continue practising. Ryan also teaches Vanessa good piano technique from the beginning, including proper hand position and posture. He involves parents in the learning process and shows them how to help their children at home so that they progress. We thank Ryan for allowing Vanessa to discover and learn the beautiful instrument that is the piano!


-Géraldine E.

Piano lessons with Ryan are always an enjoyable experience. He often uses games and humour to improve on skills.

His calm, gentle manner and his patience are wonderful gifts, but most of all, he truly cares for his students.

-Sandra V.

Ryan’s piano teaching emphasizes a strong foundation in technique. However, his method goes far beyond finger dexterity and posture. He guides the pianist to use one’s own body as a unique tool to express the soul of the music. Above all, Ryan encourages tapping into and trusting one’s own natural musical intuition by using active listening of the music we play and critical thought of how and why we play it.

The fundamentals I have developed in classical music with Ryan have also enhanced my freedom on the piano in jazz, improvisation, and composition.

The balance between precise body awareness and deep musical sensibility form a learning environment that is creative, engaging and empowering.

-Jason G.

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